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Your dentist has determined that you may benefit from the care of our group of specialists, specifically an Endodontist. As professionals in Endodontics we offer a wide range of treatments, such as root canals, surgeries, traumatic dental injuries and the placement of dental implants. The American Association of Endodontists states that Endodontics perform on average 25 root canal treatments a week, resulting in the partnership between our doctors and your dentist ensuring your dental health is handled appropriately. After a thorough examination with one of our Endodontists, a treatment plan may be set up during your first appointment, but in some cases a second appointment may be necessary before a treatment plan can be decided.

Root canal procedures initially involve the isolation of the tooth. This helps to keep it clean and dry during treatment. A small opening is made in the crown of the tooth to gain access to the pulp chamber of the tooth, much like the filling a cavity. The canal(s) will be cleaned and shaped before they are filled. A biologically compatible material will be used to fill the canals. A temporary filling will be placed in the access opening. Follow-up treatment includes contacting your dentist for a visit upon completion of our treatment. A written report along with an x-ray will be sent to your dentist, where they will determine the type of restoration needed. A follow-up is necessary with our offices and we will be contact you by mail.

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